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What is it?

The cwenc utility is primarily a tool for musicians working with Cakewalk music production software, such as Home Studio and Sonar. cwenc enables you to export your original music to a compressed audio file format, such as MP3 or Ogg Vorbis, from within the mentioned Cakewalk products. cwenc is a direct replacement for the time-limited demo-version of Cakewalk's commercial MP3 encoder program, which is packaged with both Home Studio and Sonar.

Best of all, cwenc is free (really!). As a consequence, the cwenc project is being hosted at SourceForge.

Refer to the help file for more information about usage and license issues. Or simply download the package and try it out! (see link below)

System Requirements

  • Cakewalk Home Studio 2002, Home Studio 2002 XL, and Sonar version 1 to 3. cwenc has been tested with HomeStudio 2002 exclusively, but I have had positive feedback from people using it with Sonar version 1, 2 and 3. Unfortunately it seems that it will not work with Sonar version 4. Since I don't own (and do not plan to buy) Sonar 4 I have no intentions on fixing this. You can however configure Sonar 4 to use the basic Lame MP3 encoder directly.
  • A suitable Microsoft Windows operating system. cwenc has been tested on Windows 2000 SP2 only, but I expect that it will run on other Windows variants as well. I have had positive feedback from people using it on Windows XP.


cwenc uses the following Open Source software components: These components are part of the binary cwenc installer, so you don't have to install them separately. cwenc will use its own included encoders, even if you have already installed either the Lame or Ogg Vorbis tools.

cwenc is inspired by another utility created by Jonas Eckerman.


Various links

cwenc help


Download cwenc

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Download latest release:
Binary setup file
(unzip and run setup.exe)

Source code
(MS VC++ 6.0 project)

Help File
(also part of the Setup)

For earlier releases:
cwenc at SourceForge